Unreal: Pro Trader Hits 96% Win Rate During Crash



It’s an investing anomaly…

Even during a stock market crash, one Pro Trader managed to emerge with a 96% win rate.

You read that right. His track record is nothing short of miraculous…

In the month of March, Pro Trader Bryan Bottarelli closed 62 trades, 60 of which were winners. That’s a staggering 96.77% win rate.

Right now, he’s got a read on the market that no one else has.

And today, you can find out how he’s doing it.

Obviously, an in-person interview is out of the question.

So Bryan met with me online to deliver what he’s calling the Corona Crash Emergency Summit.In this video interview, Bryan reveals…

  • What’s working in today’s market – the worst we’ve had in a decade
  • How he’s able to find so many winning trades
  • The strategies he’s using to win 
  • And plays you can consider making RIGHT NOW.

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