We are in a historic time…

Never before have we witnessed a tumultuous stock market like this. 

The Dow and the S&P 500 have fallen to historic lows. And nothing seems to make sense anymore after the indexes rallied on reports of record-breaking unemployment in the U.S.

At times like this, you want to be prepared…

And because of the volatility and uncertainty we’re seeing in the markets, it’s important to be positioned properly.  

However, most stocks trading right now are in the red. 

So what are the right stocks to play?

And how can you make sure you’re safe during all of this downside exposure?

I want you to consider the three stocks I’m about to share with you below. 

Each one of these stocks can be a safe haven during this stock market crash, because they each provide invaluable products that help us combat the pandemic and live a safer life in a socially distant world. 

In my proprietary chat room, The War Room – where I give out trade information LIVE on a daily basis – my members have already profited on all three of these stocks, proving that they work in the current market climate.

I’ll include their stories below – but first, let’s get into the crash-proof stocks…




I’ve been talking about my favorite coronavirus play for several weeks in Trade of the Day

It’s Clorox (NYSE: CLX). 

And no wonder! The company makes the best cleaning agent in the entire world, Clorox Bleach. I’m convinced that when people visit Target during this coronavirus pandemic, instead of grabbing one bottle of Clorox Bleach or one bottle of Formula 409 (or any other of the company’s other cleaning and disinfecting products), they’ll throw two, three or four bottles – or even cases – into their cart. 

And just like that, on a global scale, Clorox doubles in sales.

It was a shock to many when the Dow opened down 900 points on February 24. And yet the only stock on my screen that was green that day was (you guessed it) Clorox! 

It opened up $3 on the session. And those who followed the recommendation I issued actually made money that day.

One member made out like a bandit with a 592% gain, while another member made a whopping 161%!

“My CLX $185 call yesterday for $2.63 is up to $18.20 – continue cleaning, America!” – M.P.

“CLX April 17 $185 in yesterday at $8.40, out today $21.95.” – R.M.

As this pandemic continues, there’s one thing that you can be certain of – people are going to need cleaning supplies. 

Clorox is a brand that millions will turn to, and when they do, you’ll be happy if you have some of the company’s shares.




Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) is another company that people are relying on heavily right now. During a time when contact with other people is discouraged, Teladoc Health has emerged as a lifeline for those who need medical assistance.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York, Teladoc Health provides “telehealth” (virtual healthcare) services in 450 medical subspecialties such as flu and upper respiratory infections, cancer, and congestive heart failure.  

Teladoc Health provides these services through mobile devices, the internet and video, allowing the company to serve 100 countries worldwide.  

In fact, Teladoc Health is currently the global leader in virtual healthcare.  

After all, just about everything you can think of can now be done online. Heck, you can now get approved for a mortgage online – in less than five minutes. But the healthcare industry has been slow to adapt. That’s where Teladoc Health comes into play.  

For $45 per visit, Teladoc Health is attempting to provide its 38 million members with round-the-clock, on-demand healthcare appointments using voice or video chat.  

The company’s platform enables both patients and providers to have an integrated “smart user” healthcare experience – using both mobile devices and the web. This allows Teladoc to serve patients both in the United States and abroad.

Think about it like this…

What’s worse than going to a disease-filled doctor’s office waiting room when you’re sick – and sitting next to the guy hacking up a lung or the kid sneezing his green boogers all over you?

How great would it be to seek medical treatment through Teladoc Health’s online portal instead?

To me, that sounds fantastic.

And if you look at Teladoc Health’s numbers, you’ll see that others are starting to realize this as well.

Teladoc Health’s paid memberships rose 61% in 2019 – and that was before the coronavirus hit the markets!

Now, in the new socially distanced world, its business is booming. 

Check this out…

In the first week of March, patient visit volume spiked 50% over the prior week, and it continues to rise. 

The company had been handling visit demands consistent with peak flu volumes, but it saw that number grow to as many as 15,000 visits requested per day as the outbreak grew.

Since this pandemic will continue, Teladoc Health still has room to grow. 

And members have already profited from playing Teladoc…

“Made $2,500 profit on TDOC. Thank you both Bryan and Karim.” – Paula S.

“Sold my second and last TDOC 4/17 105 call today for $3,500 as it was up 450%. Total profit of $4,019 with 340% total. My best day ever!” – Jim S.

These are just a couple of The War Room members who already had an opportunity to capture gains on Teladoc Health – a stock we’re certainly not done with yet.




The last crash-proof stock on this list is a titan – it’s Walmart (NYSE: WMT). I know this play sounds boring, but the company is thriving right now.

It’s a store that millions of Americans turn to every day – whether there’s a pandemic going on outside or not. 

And right now, after years of preparation, Walmart’s online grocery business is having its so-called big moment.

In the new “virus economy,” online grocery shopping has surged – and Walmart stands to capitalize.

Its curbside pickup, which requires less human contact than regular in-store shopping, could make it the primary e-grocer in America.

Right now, Walmart is capturing a massive 58% market share of new e-grocer customers.

Look at these stats…

Walmart has 3,200 locations that allow you to pick up groceries curbside, and 1,600 of those locations deliver straight to your door.

Plus, 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart – and 56% of Walmart’s sales are now from groceries.

When it comes to a winner, it sure looks like Walmart is ready to be the new Amazon of this virus economy.

Take it from these two War Room members, just a couple of people who have already profited on Walmart’s recent surge…

“WMT: in at $2.68 out at $3.55. 34%+ in minutes!” – Michael B.

“Sold more WMT @ 380% GAIN.” – Evelyn G.


In Closing…


As you readjust your portfolio in a coronavirus-focused world, Clorox, Teladoc Health and Walmart are three crash-proof stocks you cannot afford to ignore. 

They’ve proven to be stalwart companies during , and as this pandemic continues, their products and services will continue to be in high demand.

And if you’re looking for more trading ideas to help you not only survive but also financially thrive during this crisis, you need to watch my urgent Corona Crash Emergency Summit.

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